Board Of Directors

Brandon Burden Chairman

Brandon Burden is a Christian leader, pastor, and REALTOR® in Frisco, Texas. He is the president of Burden Property Group, LLC, a real estate firm, and is the lead pastor at Kingdom Life Church in Frisco. He is a very active member of the community and has been involved in local politics since 2017 when he ran for Frisco city council. His campaign helped shaped the debate over reigning in out-of-control property taxes, which eventually led to the statewide passage of the Texas Property Tax Reform & Transparency Act of 2019. Brandon is one of the founding members of Frisco Conservatives (now North Texas Conservatives), where he has served as Chairman since 2020. Frisco Conservatives was responsible for successfully electing 49 conservative candidates to office in 2020 and raised $100,000 to help them win their campaigns. As Chairman, Mr. Burden has had the pleasure of hosting guest speakers such as Lt. Col. Allen West, Dinesh D’Souza, Sidney Powell, David J. Harris, Jr., Trevor Loudon, Senator Bob Hall, Congressman Louie Gohmert, and Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Kathy Burden Vice Chairman

Kathy Burden has been in ministry since 1988 and is currently the Chief Ministry Officer of the International Fellowship of Chaplains. She travels extensively training chaplains throughout different nations and has been involved in local politics since 2017. She currently serves as the Vice Chairman of North Texas Conservatives and is actively involved in planning trips to Austin to work with legislators in the upcoming legislative session. She currently serves as the President of Frontline Crisis Response Solutions located in Frisco Texas, which is an organization that responds to crisis situations, and works with first responders in the Collin and Denton  county areas.

Bri Loftis Treasurer

Bri Loftis was born in Columbus, Ohio, to two OSU grads (The OSU, yes, I am a Buckeye). She moved to Oklahoma and then Texas because her dad was in the army’s Nike Missile Program personally directed by President Eisenhower. She graduated from Transylvania University in Lexington, Kentucky, and moved to Texas to attend graduate school at TCU in biology. After working in microbiology for a few years she decided to switch careers to accounting. After working at Arthur Andersen, and obtaining her CPA license, she went to work for mostly private companies in the oil and gas sector. Bri has served as a Controller, Sr. Accounting Manager and Accounting Manager for the following industries: oil & gas, professional services, telecommunication, intellectual property, distribution, franchise, food and beverage, not-for-profit, healthcare, manufacturing, defense, and construction.

Active in Young Republicans, Bri was publicly recognized by President Reagan for voter registration. He was tickled that she always carried voter registration cards in her purse to register voters at the grocery store (he didn’t know about the larger number of voters registered at happy hour). After the excitement of the Republican National Convention in Dallas, President Reagan’s second election and the Inauguration, Bri spent more of her time getting involved with church and work.

Bri was active in a local chapter of the American Research Center of Egypt. After serving as Treasurer, she was asked to serve as Treasurer for the national group in a volunteer position. Her Finance Committee conducted a two-year search and selected a new investment firm to better handle the nonprofit’s investment funds. She was awarded the member of the year award for 2009. She was also able to spend a month in Egypt working on a real archeological dig.

A small church Bri attended in Plano was designated a branch campus of Life Christian University in Tampa, Florida, where she earned a Bachelor’s in Theology in 2016 and a Master’s in Theology in 2018. She doesn’t plan to work in this field, but found these studies enhanced her faith.

Jan Goria Secretary

Jan Goria is originally from California but left long before the downward spiral. She has been a resident of Collin County, Texas, since 1977. Jan wasn’t always interested in politics, but Barack Obama was a wakeup call; even before he was elected. Before that, Glenn Beck spurred her on to learn more. Jan has steadily become more involved and knowledgeable about politics, PACs and political organizations. She has met many passionate people wanting to save America, save our kids, save our rights and freedoms and she’s right there with them. Jan continues to block walk, door knock, election clerk and poll watch. She also attended all three conventions this year. What a wealth of knowledge! If politics is anything it’s convoluted but interesting.

Karl Schafer-Junger PR

Karl was born in Frankfurt, Germany and legally immigrated to Bettendorf, Iowa in 1961. After graduating from the University of Iowa with degrees in English and Journalism, he roamed Europe for six months. Upon returning, he became a Coca-Cola route driver to get enough money to move to Santa Cruz, CA. After an accidental 9 months at Chico State, he received an MA in Cognitive Social Psychology from Michigan State. Karl spent 15 years doing primary market research before 15 years of start-ups in the Silicon Valley, focusing on predictive analytics and artificial intelligence data modeling. Karl and his family have lived in Frisco for 9 years. After aging out of “the valley” he became a realtor seven years ago, a “last stop” career that he loves.

Pete Contostavlos Vetting

Peter Contostavlos was born in 1951 in Brooklyn, NY. His family moved to California when he was twelve. Peter holds an A.A. degree from De Anza Jr. College in American History and spent his junior year at San Jose State University. He married his first wife in that year and went to work full time for the telephone company, Pacific Bell. In a career at the phone company that spanned 24 years, he advanced from being one of the first three male telephone operators in the state of California to a Major Accounts Executive. He married his current wife, Laura, in 1992 and they lived in Alameda, CA. Peter left Pacific Bell for a small competitive telco in San Francisco, which was later acquired by AT&T. He was promoted to National Product Manager for two product lines and worked in Staten Island, NY and lived in Bridgewater, NJ until 1999. When the VP of Marketing at AT&T announced she was leaving the company, she asked him if he wanted to come work for her in Virginia. Peter followed her and worked for another competitive telco in Reston, VA, for the next two years and lived in Chantilly, VA. As an amateur historian, living in Virginia was a dream come true. He visited the White House, Congress, the Smithsonian Museum, Washington’s home in Mt. Vernon, Jefferson’s home Monticello in Charlottesville, and so many other monuments and battlefields of the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. Peter became a fulltime Realtor in 2002 in Northern Virginia until he moved to Frisco, Texas, in 2008 along with the real estate crash. He then worked as a real estate Title Examiner for Bank of America, and later another small company until he was laid off in 2012. He then decided to do something just for the fun of it, and worked for four years at a local gun range and gun store as assistant manager in Plano, TX until he retired in 2016. Peter has loved every job he has held. His career taught him that there is more value in working at something you love, and if you do something you love you will never work a day in your life. The reward has been a loving wife of 29 years, a beautiful home in Frisco, Texas, and a new circle of friends in another part of the country.

Anita Kissee Fundraising

Anita Kissee moved to Texas from Michigan in the 90s, getting to the promised land as fast as she could. She graduated from college with a B.A. in Business, and started her own business as a mobile person assistant working with CEO Coaches of Vistage International. The skills gained there catapulted her into partnering with her husband, Mark, in 2009 to launch Kissee Home & Commercial Inspections. Starting from meager beginnings and a leap of faith, 15 years later Mark & Anita have been successful in employing several team members, have served many families and realtors with property purchases, and hold a stellar reputation in the real estate industry. Anita’s passion is to coach, build bridges, own more businesses, experience other cultures, and most of all, see God’s destiny for America come to fruition in her lifetime.

Fun fact: Anita loves and misses the 80s totally! She also wants to visit Seulo, Italy, nestled in the mountains where people live to 100+. This community enjoys life with zero stress.
They understand the importance of life by eating home grown food & vino, and laugh & party together while leaving their keys in the door in case someone needs anything. Love, community, good food and gratitude = Long Life


Mark Kissee Prayer

Mark Kissee is a Master & Professional Home Inspector, and the owner of Kissee Home Inspections Services, LLC serving the DFW Area since 2009. After the crash of 2008, he decided to use his 30+ years of construction experience to start the American Dream of working for himself and helping others. Along with his wife, Anita, Mark is privileged to employ several team members. Mark enjoys studying the Bible, economics, gardening, and fishing among a few things.

Fun Fact: Mark spent his honeymoon in Mexico during Hurricane Wilma in Category 4 – he is still married, and she didn’t blow away! One day Mark wants to do a halo jump.